Cheap tourist and business Vietnam visa on arrival for Estonian

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

Tourist Vietnam visa on arrival

Tourist visa is granted to travellers which will take two working days to be completed. You can choose single visa which you can use to enter/exit only once in the period of visa validity or multiple visa which you can use to enter/ exit many different times in the period of visa validity.

vietnam-visa-on-arrivalTourist Vietnam visa fee for Estonian


Business Vietnam visa on arrival

Business visa is granted to people who come to work with Vietnam-based enterprises. Please notice that you can use it to work as the partner of the Vietnamese businesses not for working under contract. The approval letter is sent within three working days.

There are four steps that you must complete to get your letter as soon as possible:

  • Step 1: Fill in the application form
  • Step 2: Settle your payment (many ways offerd such as: Paypal, Onepay, Western Union, Bank Transfer...)
  • Step 3: Get visa approval letter
  • Step 4: Get visa stamp at the airport

Business Vietnam visa fee for Estonian



  • You can travel by air only;
  • You must apply for it before arriving at Vietnamese International airport;
  • You should have at least 6 month valid passport in which there is as less as one blank page;
  • You can enter exactly on or later than but not earlier the arrival date put in the form;
  • Once the visa expires, please apply for visa extension in case you want to prolong your stay without moving out of the country

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