• Many clubs, coaches and players have stepped up and contributed to the nation's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • A “Foreign Expert” is defined as someone recognised as an expert by a foreign organization or with a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and at least three (03) years of work experience in their field. The proof of this must be presented in writing by a foreign organization.
  • A degree of proprietary knowledge, a manager/executive-level skill or a special skill are what foreign nationals be required to show to be assigned to work in Vietnam. You may convert from visitor status to work status while staying in Vietnam or as the work permit application is in process. This article will help you with full information about Work Permit Vietnam.
  • As a person planning to enter Vietnam for business purpose, you might know that Vietnam working visa and work permit are important documents which allow you to get into and work in Vietnam legally. Owing to their importance, Greenvisa has compiled detailed information that helps you to easily get them.